Schools & Preschools

Providing Cleaning Service to Schools, Daycare Centers, and preeschools in Kansas City Area.

Call or request a cleaning quote for school specific janitorial service proposal- We work within your budget to meet your needs ensuring that both students and teachers are receiving the highest quality janitorial service.

  • Our Janitorial Service cleaners clean and disinfect correctly to slow the spread of flu and other viruses. More info on cleaning schools to protect against the flu and other ailments.
  • Our Janitorial Service cleaners work with you and your schools time requirements. We understand and pay close attention to schedule of the school whether a basketball game in the gymnasium, talent show in cafeteria or PTO meeting in the office, we partner with you to make sure our schedule fits around your schools!

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in schools and universities. With the large number of people gathered in classrooms and common areas, it is necessary to have a janitorial company that provides only the highest quality cleaning services.

Many schools and universities have come to depend on the reliability and attention to detail that Premier Building Services provides. When we come to your school or university, we take the necessary time to properly analyze the exact cleaning procedures that you will need. We offer expert advice to help you make a proper decision about your janitorial needs.

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